Carry-in Guidelines

Since overall and individual critiques category entries are due in December, we want to give you a chance to enter more recent items you have created (or items you forgot to enter) for competition. See carry-in categories below.


Eligibility requirements:


  • Publications must be ASPA members.

  • Adviser and one paying student must be present at the convention.

  • Entries must be turned in by 9 a.m. Friday at convention (there will be labeled tables outside kickoff for this).

  • Entries will be disqualified if they do not meet the established criteria. We cannot take time to track down students and teachers to verify names, entries, etc. so please write clearly.


Entry preparation:


All entries must be from the 2019-20 school year. Each entry (except broadcast) must be mounted on black, white or gray foam or poster board. Actual pages, quality copies or pdfs are acceptable. If the entry is larger than 14” x 22” please reduce and print to fit on this size board. No mounting supplies will be provided at registration.


Each entry must be clearly marked on the back with the student’s name, teacher's name, school, publication and publication type.


Broadcast or photography entries may be submitted on an SD card or jump drive, in an envelope (not provided). If you would like your card or jump drive back, attach a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we will mail it to you. Or, come by the tale outside the ballroom between 2-3:30 p.m. to claim it. Your name, school and adviser’s name must be on an envelope with the card or drive in it.




Three awards will be given at the close of Friday's convention for each carry-in contest: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. No honorable mentions will be given unless the judges cite extreme necessity.


Carry-in Categories:


Carry-in Competition participants: Entries are $10 each. Entries must follow the guidelines above.


Carry-in contests will be as follows. Please let us know (when you register for State Convention you will see this) about how many carry-in entries you expect to have in each category. We realize that this is only an estimate. This helps us make sure we have enough judges. Carry-in winners will be announced at State Convention. The categories are:


  • Editorial cartoon

  • Illustration

  • Public Service Announcement

  • Broadcast anchor

  • Broadcast human interest/feature story

  • Broadcast news story

  • Broadcast sports story

  • Videography

  • Editing

  • Directing

  • Literary magazine cover

  • Newspaper front page

  • Newspaper center spread

  • Newspaper entertainment page

  • Newspaper feature page

  • Newspaper sports page

  • Newspaper op-ed page

  • Newspaper headline writing

  • Photography portfolio No more than 7 photos, please

  • Yearbook academic spread

  • Yearbook club spread

  • Yearbook people spread

  • Yearbook sports spread

  • Yearbook student life spread

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