Fall Workshops


What we usually call Fall Regional Workshops will simply drop the “regional” this year and come directly to your school! The best part? Instead of only one week, workshops will last all Fall!

Fall workshops are a great way to build morale and team build at the beginning of a school year. Workshops help your staff become more cohesive and tackle problems specific to your staff or media product. Most importantly, they are fun!

The Board of Directors of ASPA recognizes that each school district has various rules in place and that no two school districts are alike. To accommodate this, we will customize a workshop for your school. The price will be determined by whether we need to hire a national expert, or experts, to help you – as well as the time duration of the workshop – but, as always, we will keep the price below $25 maximum, per student. Many workshops will be much less, in the $5-$10 range.

Look below for answers to questions you may have.​

What type of media will you serve?
If you can dream it, we will make it happen! We traditionally serve yearbook, newspaper, literary magazine, broadcast, radio, podcast and creative media but if you have an idea we will work with you to make it happen!

How do I set up a workshop?

Email ASPA Director Meredith Cummings at aspa@ua.edu or call 205-348-2772. Be sure to include your school, whether you want an in-person or virtual workshop and what topic you want covered. If you know days and times that you prefer, let us know.

What is the time frame for workshops?

From now through the end of November we will offer workshops.

Will you do virtual or in-person workshops? 

Virtual workshops are no problem! If you prefer an in-person workshop, we will work with your school’s logistics and rules.

Will scholarships be offered? 

As always, a resounding yes! We don’t want a student to sit out while the rest of the class participates. Email Director Meredith Cummings at aspa@ua.edu with your students’ needs.

      We know that teaching in a pandemic is difficult and unprecedented. We are here to help you!