Missed the deadline for contests and critiques? Check out the carry-in guidelines and carry-in categories, which may be brought to the State Convention, Feb. 7, 2020. Carry-in and on-site contest registration (which are timed, on-the-spot competitions) are included as part of the State Convention registration process. For more information on any of these please contact


On-Site Competition Categories:


  • Sports writing

  • Yearbook copy and caption writing

  • News writing

  • Feature writing

  • Editorial writing

  • Editorial cartooning

  • Broadcast stand up/package

  • Newscast (anchor)

  • Sportscast (anchor)

  • Yearbook layout

  • Newspaper layout

  • Photography

  • Literary magazine fiction writing

  • Literary magazine poetry writing

  • Literary magazine illustration

  • Literary magazine layout/design

Carry-in Competition Categories are listed here

Media Teams: ASPA will have a media team and social media team to cover State Convention. Convention fellowships, which cover registration fees, will be provided for students who will form the breaking news team. These teams, working under a faculty mentor and an experienced journalist, will produce content for a website and real-time social media coverage of the two-day convention. Students selected for the teams will have their registration fees waived and be provided lunch. If you would like to be part of the media team or social media team, please apply here and email 3-5 examples of your best work to In the subject line, type Media Team Application or Social Media Team Application.

The deadline is TBA.