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 2021State Convention Wrap Up

The 2021 Alabama Scholastic Press Association State Convention theme, Breaking Boundaries, was held Feb 12, 2021. The theme refers not only to this virtual time in which we live, but also reflects breaking boundaries in high school media programs around the state, which have become more covered than ever. Our virtual convention held sessions focused on social media, broadcasting, creative writing and literary magazines, radio and podcasts, censorship and thorough coverage. Thank you to our 356 participants for making this year's convention so special! We awarded 262 awards in categories across media (yearbook, newspaper, literary magazines, multimedia and broadcast) for work done during the school year.   

Clay-Chalkville High School won the coveted Spirit Award, Tina the Toucan, who will travel to CCHS from her former home at Sparkman High School. 

Dr. Wilson Lowrey led a fun and inventive session on political cartooning for students interested in the artistic side of news. 👉🏼 

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 9.29.09 AM.png

Students kept up their Zoom morale by staying active
and engaged throughout
the sessions. ASPA offered 68 sessions this year!

Our 2020 keynote Malick Mercier returned to inform students
about how to make their
stories stand out. 👉🏼 

Dr. Chris Roberts taught students how to write
the perfect news headline across media! 

One student talks about his thoughts during a session.

Dr. Butler Cain led a session about how students can become effective leaders within their media staffs!

See you in the future! 

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